Project Details

Project Name:  ComEd Commercial
Project Location:  Oak Brook, IL
Project Date: October, 2015

Project Strategy

CLIENT: On an expansive, corporate campus for a software development company, the client is passionate about having building environments with strong thematic concepts that reflect the energy and creativity of the young workforce while maintaining a level of professionalism that is important to visiting customers. CHALLENGE: In a traditional corporate layout covering over 100,000 square feet, long white halls punctuated with private offices offer little architectural variation, making it easy to get turned around without distinguishing landmarks to guide the way. Using a limited material palette and focused theming elements, create a unique and vibrant visitor experience that serves as wayfinding, breaks up long sight-lines and provides a backdrop for the client’s extensive art collection. SOLUTION: The interior design of this building takes the visitor down the rabbit hole of absurdity that is Alice in Wonderland, with each wing of the building being as incongruent and colorful as the original story. To achieve an appropriate balance of creativity and professionalism, otherwise undistinguished hallways are flooded in colorful carpet. This is offset by white walls and accented by brightly colored door frames. Direct literary references can be found in the carpet, helping to define “neighborhoods” in the building. Visitors can find their way to the Mad Hatter’s Conference Room by following the teapots and teacups, while pocket watches get employees scurrying on their way to find White Rabbit’s House Conference Room. These destinations become nodes of interest that offer additional opportunities for theming to reinforce the neighborhood concept while providing landmarks for giving directions and finding amenities. The focal point of the building is the central feature stair lobby, where an architecturally accurate Victorian interior has been installed upside down, with resilient flooring printed to look like period specific ceiling treatments and vintage furniture hanging from the ceiling. By embracing the disjointed concepts, each wing of the building has a distinct personality. In true Wonderland fashion, you may not know where you’re going, but you know where you’ve been. Any visitor will be sure to find a delight around every corner.