Project Details

Project Name:  MATTER
Project Location:  Chicago, IL
Project Date:  February, 2015

Project Strategy

In a place where being a hero is the ticket in, MATTER brings together a hybrid community of life-science entrepreneurs in a shared environment to realize the ambition of fueling the future of healthcare innovation. The space includes a maker-space for prototyping, as well as two simulation labs donated by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Order of St. Francis (OSF) Healthcare’s Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. As a shared resource, MATTER’s space is the host of a global network of specialized healthcare knowledge. To get there, it needs to provoke, inspire, and empower this emerging network to connect and grow both locally and globally. The success of MATTER’s space will be measured by the acceleration and adoption of new innovations along with the new businesses and jobs it stimulates. It will build a culture that appreciates the messy processes of ideation: one that prompts the sharing of new learning and facilitates the demonstration of new processes while creating a supportive venue to reflect on (and learn from) the successes and the failures. It is a place that matters and it’s why people want in. The carpet was inspired by images from Art Forms in Nature – a book of lithographic and halftone prints by German biologist Ernst Haeckel in 1904. Our team took the images, distressed them, and then converted them to an oversized carpet pattern. The result is the perfect accent to stimulate creativity and inspire innovation.